Dan Niblock - OQZO Metalsmith Student

“OQZO Metalsmith has given me the opportunity to explore.”

“I have always had a keen interest in jewelry, and for many years I have wanted to learn how to craft my own pieces. I am influenced by styles ranging from modern to ancient, but I have a particular interest in ancient jewelry design. OQZO Metalsmith has given me the opportunity to explore a variety of construction techniques as I learn to bring my ideas to life.”

~Dan Niblock

Dan Niblock may be fairly new to making jewelry, but he brings his lifelong skills and creativity as an artist to this craft of handmade pieces of wearable art and other curiosities.

The Studio

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OQZO Metalsmith is located in the beautiful and quiet woods of Hillsborough, North Carolina and provides a well-lit, well-equipped studio enviroment perfect for teaching and creating handmade sterling silver jewelry.

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