Kimberly Renee’

Teaching: Taking Shape: An Introduction to Chasing & Repousse’

Kimberly Renee’ Studio
PO Box 27095, Greenville, SC 29616
(270) 576-4246

Kimberly Renee’ is a sculptor of metal specializing in the beautiful and ancient process of chasing and repousse’. She became captivated with the process, and respect began to grow for the ceremonial aspect within the art of creating through the movement of hammering and sculpting slowly along the metal. With every hammer strike, an essence of artistic expression became revealed into existence.

Her work has been featured in several juried exhibitions and in numerous galleries over the course of several years. Chasing and Repousse’ have been the foundation of creating gallery work since 2014, and prior to that, she has produced other metalwork using fabrication techniques to create sculptures in metal.

Inspiration and design for work originate from personal experiences and connections with the world itself. It is within these two distinctive realms where reflection and exploration occur for creating a unique aesthetic.

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OQZO Metalsmith is located in the beautiful and quiet woods of Hillsborough, North Carolina and provides a well-lit, well-equipped studio enviroment perfect for teaching and creating handmade sterling silver jewelry.

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