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Tools and Skill: The Fundamentals of Metalsmith classes are designed to get you started and on your way to creating pieces of art jewelry with guided instruction and better understanding of precious metals.

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Tools and Skill: The Fundamentals of Metalsmith


  • +$25
  • 2-day Class
    Price includes both days
  • 8 hours
    Each day
  • Lynn Occhiuzzo
  • Dates Offered

Call to schedule your individual or group bench time (919) 732-9702 or register online.

This class is meant for students who are new to the art of jewelry making. A working knowledge of the tools, skills, and materials that are available will be taught and students will be able to practice basic skills with the benefit of guided instruction.

This class can also be a good refresher workshop for those who have made jewelry before, but are looking to hone or learn new skills.

Alternative 1-day Class - $175 (+$25 additional materials fee)

A one day (8 hour) class is also available, however, no finished projects are made. Just the satisfaction of learning new skills. 

Day 1

Tools and Skills

Learning the Basics

With many demonstrations by the instructor, each student will learning to use the jeweler's tools. They will practice the basic skills needed to create their own piece of jewelry that they can keep. Plus, students will get a better understanding of precious metals with a short history of gold and silver, along with how to identify, weigh and price precious metals.

Tools & Skills

  • Jeweler's saw

    Using a jeweler's saw and learning the types of blades and when to use them to pierce and saw shapes.
  • Forming mandrels

    Using forming mandrels to shape metal into ring shanks and bezels.
  • Solder

    Understanding the 3 types of solder and what it's made of, plus various soldering techniques.
  • Files

    How and when to use the different types, cuts, sizes and shapes of files on metal
  • Roller mill & embossing plates

    Using a roller mill and embossing plates to texturing metal
  • Liver of sulfur

    Polishing and other types of finishes including liver of sulfur
  • Flex shaft hand set

    Using flex shaft hand set to sand and drill
  • Disc cutters

    Using disc cutting tools to make shapes
  • Dapping blocks

    Transform a flat sheet of metal into a rounded shape
  • Wire and tubing

    How to create rivets using wire and tubing to hold metal together
  • Drill press

    Using a drill press and flex shaft hand set to create holes
  • Other

    Learn about some types of stones and how to set them into a bezel. Create a bezel to hold stones onto a piece of jewelry.

Day 2

Fabricating 1

Ring Project

Day two consists of taking the knowledge of the materials, tools and skills learned from day one and applying them to creating a ring. We can discuss a ring style before class from a selection of rings available to make.
Student-made rings

Skills & Concepts

  • Understanding construction
  • Sawing
  • Roller mill embossing
  • Forming
  • Bezels
  • Soldering
  • Drilling
  • Riveting
  • To polish or not to polish
  • Oxidizing metal
  • Stone setting

Sand Casting

If time allows (and because it's fun), a demonstration will be done of sand casting. Students may bring something small to cast or create a piece from Sculpey clay which will be backed and used to cast with.

Studio Tools

View a full list of the materials, hand tools and disposable items that you'll find at each student's bench.

The Studio

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OQZO Metalsmith is located in the beautiful and quiet woods of Hillsborough, North Carolina and provides a well-lit, well-equipped studio enviroment perfect for teaching and creating handmade sterling silver jewelry.

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