Imagery on Silver

Learn how to convert a photo or drawing into an image that can be successfully etched onto sterling, Argentium, or fine silver sheet.
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  • +$45
    additional kit fee
  • 2-day Workshop
    Price includes all days, tools
  • 10am - 5pm
    Each day
  • Elizabeth Lyne
  • Dates Offered

Call to register for this workshop (919) 732-9702 or register online.

In the 2-day class, students will be introduced to the etching process using electricity. They will learn how to take a drawing, photograph or copyright-free image and convert it into a black and white drawing that can be etched onto silver.

We will be using a scanner, laser printer, vellum (similar to tracing paper), and photo editing software to create our images and print them on PnP film. Students will then etch their drawings onto silver.

There will be time for students to fabricate their etchings into finished pieces of jewelry if they so desire. All levels are welcome.

Tools & Supplies

A kit fee of $45 is due the first day of class and payable to the instructor. This kit contains materials and tools that are required for the etching process.
This kit includes:
  • Rubbermaid 16 cup container with 500g of cupric nitrate & distilled water
  • 20g copper cathode + copper hooks
  • 6g copper anode with alligator clips
  • Mellita filter holder
  • Mellita paper filters
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Scotch tape
  • Electrical tape
  • Oil based paint pens
  • PnP film
  • Vellum paper
  • Oak tag paper
  • Laser printer paper
Helpful for Students to Bring

Metals Provided

A sheet of 2-inch X 2-inch sterling silver is included in cost of workshop. Extra metal can be purchased through OQZO Metalsmith.

Studio Tools & Equipment

Tools for each student will be available for use through OQZO Metalsmith. View the tools you'll find at each student's bench. A DC power supply will also be provided.

The Studio

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OQZO Metalsmith is located in the beautiful and quiet woods of Hillsborough, North Carolina and provides a well-lit, well-equipped studio enviroment perfect for teaching and creating handmade sterling silver jewelry.

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