November, 2017

201706Novallday08alldayThe Fundamentals of Silver Jewelry Making - Section 3Register through OLLI - Course ID: 2417-003 Instructor: Lynn Occhiuzzo

Event Details

This is a one month workshop starting on Nov. 6 and ending on Nov. 29
Mondays and Wednesdays, 5 – 8pm each day
Nov. 6 & 8; Nov. 13 & 15; Nov. 27 & 29

This class is offered through the The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Duke University.

There are three (3) sections of this course open for enrollment. When registering online through OLLI, enter the four-digit Course ID (2417) into the course search.

Students will learn to use basic jewelers’ tools and practice the skills needed to create their own pieces of jewelry. Students will gain an understanding of precious metals, learning a short history of gold and silver, along with how to identify, weigh, and price precious metals.

The instructor will also go over studio safety. You will practice using a jeweler’s saw and learn about the types of blades and when to use them and how to use forming mandrels to shape metal into rings, shanks, and bezels. You will also learn about types of solder and various soldering techniques, how and when to use different types of files on metal, how to use a roller mill and embossing plates to texturize metal, and methods of polishing and creating other finishes including liver of sulfur.

Class members will also use a flex shaft hand set to sand and drill, disc cutting tools to make shapes, and dapping blocks to transform a flat sheet of metal into a rounded shape. You will also create rivets using wire and tubing, use a drill press and flex shaft hand set to create holes, create a bezel to hold stones onto a piece of jewelry, and learn about some types of stones and how to set them into a bezel.

Questions? Contact the central office registration team at 919-684-6259 or email


November 6 (Monday) - 8 (Wednesday)


OQZO Metalsmiths

1106 Woodgrove Way, Hillsborough, NC 27278



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OQZO Metalsmith is located in the beautiful and quiet woods of Hillsborough, North Carolina and provides a well-lit, well-equipped studio enviroment perfect for teaching and creating handmade sterling silver jewelry.

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