Wax Carving

Learn how to carve a ring project in wax using special jeweler’s wax carving tools to create your designs.

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  • 2-Weekend Workshop
    Price includes all days, materials fee, casting process costs
  • 10am - 5pm
    Each day
  • Klaus Spies
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Call to register for this workshop (919) 732-9702 or register online.

In this class students will learn how to carve a ring project in wax using special jeweler’s wax carving tools to create their designs.

This wax ring is the master which will be sent to a casting company. There, the project pieces will then be used in a lost wax casting process to be reproduce then sent back as a final silver piece of jewelry which students will then finish and complete.

Important Note

Students must know how to solder and create a bezel to take this wax carving workshop.

Weekend 1

Tools and Skills


With demonstrations by the instructor, Klaus Spies, each student will learn how to carve a ring project in wax using special jeweler’s wax carving tools. They will practice the basic skills needed to create their own piece of jewelry that they can keep.

Skills & Concepts

  • How to use wax carving tools and practice with wax
  • How to convert the weight of the wax to the weight of the metal casting
  • How to make basic ring shanks
    (geometrical shapes and free forms)
  • How to make hollow metal beads
  • Design your own piece of jewelry and carve it in wax.
  • Make bezels in wax to be soldered later to the casting
    (if necessary)
  • Prepare waxes to send to the casting company

Tools & Equipment

Here is the list of the hand tools students will need for this workshop.

PLEASE NOTE:  These tools are new and provided by OQZO Metalsmith and will be available for purchase at the end of this workshop. Students can purchase individual items or as a complete wax carving kit.

  • Giles Precision Wax Pen Tool

  • Matt™ Ring Tube Sizer

  • Friedrich Dick Wax File Assortment

    set of 6
  • Wax carving tool set

  • AdvantEdge Wax Bur Set

  • High speed round burs

    3.5, 5, 7.2
  • High-Quality German Spiral Wax Saw Blade

  • Skip-Tooth Saw Blade

    2 sizes
  • Matt™ Green Wax Ring Tube, Flat-Top, Center Hole

    Transform a flat sheet of metal into a rounded shape
  • Matt™ Blue Precision Wax Tablet

Weekend 2



The second weekend of the workshop consists of taking the knowledge of the materials, tools and skills learned from weekend one and applying them to finishing the project. Students will finish and complete the project pieces sent back from a casting company as a final silver piece of jewelry.

Skills & Concepts

  • Clean castings
  • Assemble metal parts that were cast separately or fabricated in metal before
  • Finish jewelry

Getting Started

Tools and Skill: The Fundamentals of Metalsmith.

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