Russian Filigree

Learn the secret of Russian filigree, the technique of tension fitted, open back filigree. Discover the necessary steps and tricks to ensure success and fun through this exquisite technique.
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  • 3-day Workshop
    Price includes all days, materials, tools
  • 10am - 5pm
    Each day
  • Victoria Lansford
  • Dates Offered

Call to register for this workshop (919) 732-9702 or register online.

Through extensive demonstrations and hands-on exploration, you will learn how to make delicate scolloped wire, create a pendant and a finger ring, and begin a bead.

Also included in the workshop will be discussions and demonstrations of Victoria’s contemporary sculptural jewelry and functional objects and other three-dimensional possibilities with the process.

Those familiar with the technique through Victoria's Russian Filigree DVD and who have made several of the projects from the DVD may choose to work on more advanced projects. If so, please email Victoria Lansford with ideas of what you would like to make, so she can suggest which supplies you might need.

Participants must know how to solder with a torch.

Victoria Lansford has generated an international revival of nearly lost metalsmithing techniques through her artwork, publications, workshops, and passion for creating. This class is intended to share this exquisite technique with others and provide the necessary steps and tricks to ensure success and fun through the project.

Supply List

  • Russian Filigree Powdered Solder

    To save time, we will use Russian Filigree Powdered Solder instead of making the solder form scratch. Enough solder will be provided for use during class. (Extra jars available for sale after the workshop.)
  • Solder

    Easy and hard silver wire solder
  • Handy paste flux

  • 1 gallon of distilled water

  • 7/8” silicon knife edge wheels & screw top mandrels for flex shaft

    1 each course, med, and high shine for optional polishing in class
  • High polish compound

    Mini muslin buff and blue rouge or other high polish compound for optional polishing in class
  • Mask and safety goggles

    Mask and safety goggle for using the flex shaft

Metals Provided

Metal is included in cost of workshop to make one project. Extra metal can be purchased through OQZO Metalsmith.

  • 1.5ft 16 gauge round sterling wire
  • 16in 16 gauge square sterling wire
  • 2ft 18 gauge square sterling wire
  • .75 oz 26 gauge round fine silver wire

Tools & Equipment

Tools for each student will be available for use through OQZO Metalsmith.
  • Fine pointed tweezers AA or MM Boley Style

    These should be very pointed, not have teeth, and must never have been used for soldering! They will be used for forming the tiny filler wires.
  • Compressed charcoal block

    May be ordered from any supplier but must be "compressed" type
  • Joyce Chen kitchen shears or other very sharp scissors

  • Small steel bench block

    Very important! Every student needs one.
  • Pliers

    Round, flat, and long fine chain nose pliers (Lindstrom or Swanstrom)
  • Flux brush

    Very important! Cheap nylon type is best.
  • Sharpie marker

  • Mandrels

    Round ring and round bezel mandrel
  • Rawhide mallet

  • Saw Frame & 2/0 Blades

  • Flat and 1/2 round needle files

  • Curved nylon forming pliers

    2 types of curved nylon forming pliers by Eurotool

Getting Started

Tools and Skill: The Fundamentals of Metalsmith.

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